Mălai / Wheat, de Ghenadie Popescu (19.04.2017)

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Wheat by Ghenadie Popescu (19.04.2017)

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grădinăritul e o ocupație mult prea veche, ca să-i subestimăm puterea

Pe 19 aprilie 2017, Ghenadie Popescu a plantat, al patrulea an consecutiv, mălai de legat mături, în grădina de lîngă Apartamentul Deschis / B68, Chișinău

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gardening is an old enough occupation to underestimate its power

On April 19, 2017, Ghenadie Popescu has planed, already 4th time in a row, seeds of wheat for manufacturing brooms, in the garden situated next to Flat Space / B68 in Chisinau.

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